Announcing Wired UCLA 🔥

We are thrilled to partner with IEEE to bring Wired to UCLA.

We started Wired in early 2022 because we believed that by educating and enabling more hardware developers, we could help more creators bring their ideas to life. And by that we imagined that we can bring about a renaissance of innovation in hardware.

In over last 6 months, we organised Wired in many different schools and we are captivated by the response from the community. This experience has lead us to believe that there is a lot of potential. Hardware communities are massive, connected and mature. With every step along the way, it is clear is that there so much more that we can do for developers in these communities.

This is why, we are now taking Wired to a whole new level 🥁

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we are partnering up with IEEE at UCLA to organise series of workshops for UCLA bruins.

UCLA is regarded among the top schools in the world and it is running an amazing engineering program. The community that IEEE has created for hardware developers at UCLA is enchanting. The enthusiasm is rare and this is why we are really excited about the collaboration.

With Wired, we are bringing a new zest to the community. IoT is next and internet is going to be important for hardware, pretty much how today, we cannot imagine software without internet. This is why, Wired is ideal for developers who want to find their way in this big technology shift.

Wired is meant to give developers exposure and hands on experience on how to go from zero to one in IoT. We will start from the fundamentals and then we will go on to build our first IoT application.

Wired is happening on August 13th, 6 PM to 8 PM pacific time. This will be a virtual event, but developers will be provided with development kits for the coding jam. RSVP to get more information.

This is a closed community event and only IEEE members can join at the moment. But this is just the first step and there is still a lot more to come.

Wired is meant to open few more doors for developers. It is invigorating and we are super pumped for this 🔥

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