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Grandeur lets hardware developers securely connect devices to the cloud, store data, and build custom dashboards without provisioning servers and writing custom APIs.
Start building
Skip boilerplate
Integrate Grandeur SDK into your hardware code. Your devices come online instantly. No need to program your own backend.
Include and initiate
# Include the SDK in your device code
import grandeur.device as grandeur

# Init with credential
project = grandeur.init("API-KEY", "DEVICE-TOKEN")
Instant APIs that do the hard work for you
# Send data to cloud"variable", value)
Works with
PiArduinoSparkfunESP32 and ESP8266
Iterate and accelrate
Interact with your devices without coding an app. Share your Grandeur apps with users to get instant feedback.
Out of the box powerful features
Manage Devices
Bring your own hardware and manage devices securely at scale.
Store Data
Run complex MongoDB queries right from your devices and without any server.
Send Firmware Updates
Schedule over-the-air software updates without any extra configuration.
Launch and scale
Go all the way custom. Use our out of the box auth and database features to write your own apps.
Native SDK for top platforms like Web, React and Andriod
// Init with credentials
const project = grandeur.init("API-KEY", "ACCESS-KEY", "ACCESS-TOKEN");
Create custom user applications with powerful APIs
// Get reference to device
const device = project.devices().device("DEVICE-ID");

// Subscribe to updates"variable", (path, update) => updateGraph(update));
Go custom
Support all major platforms
Build better, faster, and cheaper
Blazing Fast
Send data with our highly available pub sub at < 100ms throughput.
Grandeur scales to meet your demand, automagically, based on load.
Safe and Sound
Manage users securely and simply. Add authentication to your custom application.
Schedule over-the-air software updates without any extra configuration.
+99% Uptime
Grandeur stays on the grid with high availability and high uptime guarantees.
Premium Support
Overcome any challenge with a supporting team ready to respond.
Zero to production in minutes
Join thousands of people deploying hundreds of thousands of devices effortlessly on Grandeur.
Build your first IoT project for free